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Build user flows in minutes.
Made for devs

Open source infrastructure for

wizard forms in web applications

Not just another form builder

Declarative wizard schema, designed to be a native part of your web application.

Made for:


Your design system,

your components,

with endless flexibility through code


Multi-step, conditional branching, custom validation, localization and more

API first

Build and use wizards and data models with an API.
Collect data and create flows using a simple API.

Enterprise ready

SOC2 & HIPAA compliance readiness.

On-prem deployment available.


Product Demo

multi-step wizard, natively in your web application, within a few minutes

Use cases

Build any flow and streamline user information collection with headless forms

integrations page use case

Integrations page

Forms with different credentials & validations, managed by the PM

in-app new entity use case

In-app new entity

Add complex entity like policy, property, billing information...

onbarding wizard use case

Onboarding wizard

New user flow, KYC / KYB

dynamic form use case

Dynamic form

Genreate native wizards through Tutim API, from an in-app builder or 3rd party integration

Build forms and collect submissions in the same place.

Without annoying <iframe> in your app.
100% flexible with JS


VP R&D @ Fintech company

“We could deliver complex wizards in days instead of weeks. The developers love SDK and the PMs can make updates themselves."


Lead FED @ Insurtech company

"We invested years in building an internal infrastructure, which Tutim offer as SaaS. It could be a game changer for startups"


CPO @ SaaS company

“It's like TypeForm without limits. Optimizing conversions with localization and uniform UX has never been easier.”

How it works?

how it works - build


Drag & Drop builder for the wizard fields, multi-steps, conditional branching, and more.

Enable non-devs to fix typos, localization, and A/B test without the need to redeploy every time

how it works - customize


World-class SDK to customize the headless wizard.

Use your own React components, add custom validations, call your APIs - everything with JS.

No more iframes.

how it works - optimize


No-code admin portal for configuring localization, conditional branching, validations, and A/B testing.

You can use your own backend and collect submissions right away!

Are You Ready?

Before Tutim

You waste time hand-coding wizards in your app.
Random JIRA tickets to just "fix that typo" or "add this answer option"

After Tutim

Your own in-house no-code headless form builder that's fully integrated with your component library and design system, and accessible to everybody on your team.

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