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Open source infrastructure
for building headless multi-step forms

Try it yourself !

Not just another form builder

Declarative wizard schema, designed to be a native part of your web application.

Made for:


Your design system,

your components,

with endless flexibility through code


Multi-step, conditional branching, custom validation, localization and more

API first

Build and use wizards and data models with an API.
Collect data and create flows using a simple API.

Enterprise ready

SOC2 & HIPAA compliance readiness.

On-prem deployment available.


Edit JSON schema, plug your React components

Use Tutim's admin panel for the drag-and-drop form schema builder,
preview, storage, backend, and more

Built for flexibility

Headless forms for your web application

JSON schema

Build JAMstack forms and use an API to fetch at load time.

Use conditional logic, validations, variables, localization and more


Create and use forms quickly in any application using customized styles.

use your own React components natively 

Integrates anywhere

built-in no-code integrations to trigger emails, auto-responders, Slack notifications, webhooks, and more

Integrate to your tech stack in 1 minute

No migration is required, just a lightweight npm install to render a native in-app form
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