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  • What is Tutim?
    Tutim is an API-first, headless online form builder and automation tool designed for high-performance teams. Besides hosting forms and surveys on, developers can utilize the Tutim API and React.js SDK to fully integrate their forms and surveys within their applications and websites using their existing React components.
  • Can I export my responses?
    Yes. You can export all or a selection of your submissions to CSV.
  • Is Tutim open source?
    Yes! Tutim's library is completely open source, and you can use it with your schema for free. The commercial aspect comes into play with the admin panel, which offers extra features that enhance the overall experience. So, you get the best of both worlds – open-source flexibility and powerful commercial features! Star us -
  • Do I have to store my data on Tutim?
    No. If you use the Tutim React SDK, you can take advantage of the form builder while sending your data to a different destination instead of Tutim's submission storage. However, by doing this, you won't be able to utilize Tutim's built-in integrations, analytics and other features.
  • What are Tutim's key features?
    Key Features Drag-and-drop user flow creation Generate production-grade user flows and wizard forms from text Use your own design system with our headless wizards Integrate with your existing tech stack Cloud-based or self-hosted options REST API support Conversion Rate Optimization The Benefits By using, product teams can: Save 50%-90% of development time Increase conversion rates with optimized user flows Enable non-technical team members to contribute to product development Seamlessly integrate with their existing tech stack
  • Is Tutim GDPR compliant?
    Tutim is GDPR-compliant, ensuring the protection and privacy of personal data for users in the European Union. Tutim adheres to the necessary standards and regulations, and is committed to providing a secure platform that respects user privacy. Notice that Tutim can be used with your own backend, for a smoother POC implementation without worrying about privacy & security .
  • Do I have to know how to code to use Tutim?
    No. Firstly, every form created with Tutim gets a URL on Secondly, Tutim aims to help development teams empower non-technical team members to be more productive within their organization. As a result, the platform is designed for the entire team to use.
  • Do I have to use React.js to use Tutim?
    No, there's no strict requirement. You can use any framework, form library, or language with Tutim via our REST API. Tutim React and our other SDKs are there for your convenience. We firmly believe they offer the best developer and end-user experience, but you're not obligated to use them.
  • How is Tutim different than Formium?
    Formium is a great solution but isn't maintained for more than a year already. Tutim is a similar concept, with more features and decoupled backend so you can use your own. If you thought about using Formium, try out Tutim. You gonna love it, we promise.
  • How is Tutim different than Formspree (and other form backends)?
    Formspree and other form backend services are excellent for replacing custom server-side integrations for your forms. However, with these services, you still have to hand-build each form as they don't help you build, validate, or format your form and form fields. Tutim not only acts as a backend service with server-side validation and spam checking but also assists in building and rendering forms by providing frontend code libraries, in addition to a traditional form builder. This offers a more comprehensive solution for your form needs.
  • How is Tutim different than React Hook Form (RHF)?
    Unlike traditional form libraries like react-hook-form or formik, offers: Non-technical team member empowerment - Our platform enables non-technical team members to create and optimize user flows, fostering collaboration and reducing the development workload. Multi-step support - Easily create multi-step user flows and wizard forms to guide users through complex processes. Rich features - Access a wide array of powerful features designed to simplify user flow creation and optimization. Remote schemas - Benefit from remote schemas that allow for real-time changes and easy management.
  • How is Tutim different than Typeform, Jotform or SurveyMonkey?
    Tutim is specifically designed to cater to developers' needs. While we still offer hosted forms at, Tutim takes a unique approach by decoupling traditional form builders into independent components. We provide an online form building interface, best practices SDKs for developers to seamlessly render forms within their apps and websites, and a submission storage system and automation service powered entirely by the Tutim REST API. This setup enables limitless customization and control, native performance, robust security, and an improved end-user experience, all while saving countless hours of manual, error-prone coding.
  • Is Tutim SOC2 compliant?
    Tutim is SOC2-compliant, ensuring a secure and reliable cloud service environment for maintaining and processing sensitive data. Tutim adheres to the necessary standards and has appropriate documentation to present to customers. Please contact us to initiate the process. Notice that Tutim can be used with your own backend, for a smoother POC implementation without worrying about privacy & security .
  • Is Tutim HIPAA compliant?
    Tutim is HIPAA-ready and enables covered entities and their business associates to use a secure cloud service environment to process, maintain, and store protected health information (PHI). Tutim has a standard BAA that we present to customers for signature. Please contact us to begin the process. Notice that Tutim can be used with your own backend, for a smoother POC implementation without worrying about privacy & security .
  • Do you have an enterprise solution?
    Yes, we do! We offer an enterprise solution that includes support, 99.99% uptime, SSO, and more. We kindly ask that enterprise customers contact us directly to discuss plan options tailored to your specific needs.
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