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Build any user flow, Powered by GPT4

Transform JIRA tickets to production code in minutes


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Use cases

Build any flow to collect user information

integrations page use case

Integrations page

Forms with different credentials & validations, managed by the PM

in-app new entity use case

In-app new entity

Add complex entity like policy, property, billing information...

onbarding wizard use case

Onboarding wizard

New user flow

dynamic form use case

Dynamic form

Genreate native wizards through Tutim API, from an in-app builder or 3rd party integration

Not just another form builder

Declarative layer, designed to be a native part of your web application.

Made for:


Your design system,

your components,

with endless flexibility through code


multi-step, conditional branching, custom validation, localization and more

API first

Build and use wizards and data models with an API.
Collect data and create flows using a simple API.

Enterprise ready

SOC2 & HIPAA compliance readiness.

On-prem deployment available.

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